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June 30, 2008



Oh you are back bloggin! How wonderful! I love your new artwork!Beautiful color combinatin and paper mix....just my style! So welcome back....definetly will be back soon, big smile, Anke ;)


Beautiful collage and poem. I believe there is always time for healing. The love, the never dies - it is owning it in our hearts across time and space - where the healing comes.

I love the line "we never hear the music til the sweet-voiced bird has flown."

I resonate with this because I was trying desperately to heal my relationship with my mother before she died. She would have none of it. Truth is she loved me as best she could. Not how I wanted her to, but she did love me. I sound like I'm still trying to convince myself, don't I? I think that's where the pain is - the wise part of ourselves who know the truth and the wounded child who is still looking for whatever it is she didn't get. Sorry to be rambling on so. This is beautiful and has touched me deeply.


touched by your painting... ahh, the stories in our hearts written by our daddy's voice... long after the moment has passed... truly beautiful.. and yes, to your scripture.. one that always gives comfort... absent from the body is present w/t lord...


A nice poem about healing and love. How suddenly we can loose someone and then there is no time for repairs! Your collage is sweet and thoughtful. Both serve as a salve for the soul and a warning to preserve the moments we have today.


Thank you Roswila. I have, in recent years, come to an understanding and made peace with our relationship by doing that inner work you speak about. But ultimately I am encouraged by the hope of a resurrection promised at John 5: 28,29 "...all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out..." At that time we can truly heal our relationship.

Patricia (a/k/a Roswila)

I find your collages very touching. And if I may go on a bit, there can sometimes be possibilities for healing of a relationship once two persons on are different sides of that doorway. For me, it took place inside myself, in internal dialogues with my father; writing and journaling; dreaming ... and ultimately not giving up on that shared love no matter how challenged it had been when we were both on this side of the door.

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