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November 27, 2007



Manatees are my most favorite - I love everything about them...living in Florida I have only gotten close once...but I admit I am obsessed with them - such gentle giants...
Thanks for sharing the pics...they are wonderful!!!


beautiful manatees ...


Oh,that must have been such a wonderful experience....enjoy as much as you can! Concerning your last post,I don't think you got heavy, it's true and you can't protect your child enough from those "injuries"....hope you feel better again ;)Cheer up greetings from Anke ;)


Okay, I know I am a dork. but this makes me think of a comedy skit of Jim Gaffigans'. I find it hilarious but then again, I have a silly sense of humor. Ever heard his stuff? He is one of the cleanest comedians I've ever heard.

Happy Wednesday! :)

Lisa Johnson

Thanks for visiting me on my blog. Now I need to explore yours.


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