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November 26, 2007


black-eyed susan

Your message is right on time for me. Insults still wound me most deeply.

Thank you,


you are so absolutely right! hugs! xox


You make an excellant point. We must never underestimate the power of words or the influence of memory upon our experiences. I have 3 little ones that I love with every bone in my body and when names are thrown their way, I feel the breaking of my own bones.
jodi barone


So very true. I'm totally impressed with your take on the prompt. More than that, I'm in awe at how well you've articulated the fallacy of that simple, sing-song phrase.


Great post. Found you from David's posting. Congratulations on making blog of the week. What you say is something we did from the time the littlies joined us 'til the days they left to seek their own way.
Unhappily, too many parents just pass this learned behavior on to their children, thus making an ugly string that spans generations. I wish our schools would teach something on the order of "analyze your life" to our children.


It's a shame that the mean words seem to carry so much more power than the loving words.

Came over from David's.


Hi there--

I came over from David's blog. Congratulations on post of the day!

My little ones are now young adults. Their father and I always offered them encouragement regarding their uniqueness. Words spoken to people do sink in to the very being and have a way of staying.


As a child raised with "Children should be seen and not heard", "Shame on you!", and "I'll give you something to cry about." I always swore I would speak clearly and listen passionately to my own children.
And I do.
Excellent post!


who need to be a child to be broken by words? As an adult the wrong words can upset me too!

I agree with your post wholeheartedly, and think children are just so vulnerable to the wrong words, that as adults we later remember. I hope lots of people take note!


you are so right! I feel so over protective of my children's feelings, worried what someone may say to them that could stick with them forever. sadly mean words do stick around for a very long time.
thank you for this post and thank you for your comment today.
take care. xo


amazing how we all know the verse..and how wrong it truly is...thank you for your poignant post...something that should come so naturally in loving our children...communication is everything...and how little is our naturally inclination to do just that...oh, love the pics!


Hello! I just found you wonderful blog through Corey Moortgat's! So nice to "meet" you! It's so true- unkind words are never forgotten- if only it were so easy to remember the good words. I really love your blog. The photos of your collections are so fun and colorful and I love those floral curtains!! I can't wait to get Corey's book- I need to start on books for my boys before I forget everything. I write a lot down, but I know there are things I still forget.

david mcmahon

What a wonderful post. You're so right with this viewpoint.

plain foolish



Well said about stone; words are powerful. Even alert parents need to be reminded to lift our children up whenever possible. Even after they are in college! I have home schooled our HS Sophomore since sixth grade.

qualcosa di bello

awesome!!!! & so very, very true. i am off to find my 2 crazy boys & give them a giant hug right now!! (the girls will have to settle for love over the phone, as they are in college).


Well said! I'll take stone silence over hurtful words any day!


wow! you made me want to grab up my three little ones and hug them tight and fuss all over them.
this is great advice, esp. coming from your personal experience. :)

Crafty Green Poet

You are so right here. The wrong words can cause so much pain and destroy self esteem


Nice take on the prompt and so much truth!!

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