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November 12, 2007



Oh yes, I LOVE Il Postino! Your piece said is all... for me - my boys bring me back. Thank you!


Oh, I really like the poem and the photo. It's my strongest sense of belonging, of being a part, when the children are here.


: ) i long for that too but then i look around and realize its not so bad where i'm at ... xox


Beautiful photo -- I love Camille's pink dress and tiara. And, yes, living alone vs. being with those we love can definitely pull on the heart. Really well done!


What a terrific photo! That feeling of longing...

laura from coconutannies

Yes! Deep down I know that my fantasy isolation would only make me happy for a short time! How happy I am to be surrounded by people who love me!


Dreams are so important as we move toward belonging. Thank you!


Like you I often dream of artistic peace and isolation - my dream is of a small island (not necessarily tropical) all of my own. But I wonder if I would be happy if I got there.


i must confess... i live your dream... don't ever give up,, one day it will to be yours........
just beautiful.....


belonging, but dreaming of escape - dont we all!! well said.


Isn't that the way? Dreaming of what isn't...loved this post!


I liked this, the last line works well.

Crafty green Poet

I often think of living a long way from anywhere like that, but there are too many things to belong to in the city! Good post

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